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Created for different social media apps, I use Adobe Photoshop when the design needs some touches or frame animation is required; otherwise, for simple text frames, graphics or slide shows, Adobe Spark, Canva or Figma serves the purpose.

For editing audio/videos, I also use an open source/free software called VSDC Free video editor and Audacity for podcasts/audio editing.

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The incredibly beautiful Ajanta caves is part of a long cave system that begins in South Central India around Badami in Karnataka and stretches through Verul (Ellora), Aurangabad (Ajanta and Aurangabad caves), Pandavleni in Nashik, Karla and Bhaja caves in Lonavala and Pune region, Kanheri caves and Elephanta caves in Mumbai in Maharashtra.

The sculptures, paintings and architecture seen in all these cave systems reveal a sublime understanding of geometry and symmetry in design in all the three cultures and religion – Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism – that seem to have influenced the cave systems.

This video is the first part of the series of videos that will cover the Karla, Bhaja, Ellora and Ajanta caves. The Badami caves have already been featured in another video separate from the series as those caves have a predominantly Jain influence while these caves have more of a Buddhist and Hindu influence.

The subsequent parts in this series will feature the exotic paintings inside the Ajanta caves with a focus on the brilliant architecture and geometric shapes found in the pillars, in the huge halls and in the ceilings of the caves as well as the detailed sculptures in the Ellora caves with special emphasis on the Kailash temple at Ellora that has been carved and sculpted out of a huge boulder on a single hill.

A masterpiece of its own kind.
The Kailash Ellora temple carved into a mountain hill!
The temple is built within the same carved out mountain hill!
Some simple text animations with frames and an Adobe stock time lapse image
Frame animation with Adobe stock template image
Frame animation with an Adobe stock collage template
Frame animation – effects used – layer blends
A simple Slide show created with Adobe Spark